TEKSing toward STAAR - Mathematics.

TEKSING TOWARD STAAR has offered quality lessons, instructional materials, reteach materials, assessment materials and staff development for Mathematics in Texas for over 14 years. Brenda DeBorde and Juanita Thompson are the authors and consultants for TEKSING TOWARD STAAR and are very committed to the continued development of quality instructional materials and staff development for mathematics to support mastery of the Revised TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and student success on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

We have completed development of our new materials for the Revised Grade 3-8 Mathematics TEKS. All 2014 copyright materials for Grades 3-8 are written to address the Revised TEKS which were implemented in Fall 2014. General Information, price lists and order forms are located under the NEW MATERIALS FOR REVISED GRADES 3-8 TEKS button below.

We will not be developing Grades K-2 or Algebra I materials for the Revised TEKS.

The legal name of our company will remain TEKSING TOWARD TAKS, Inc., however, we are currently D.B.A. TEKSING TOWARD STAAR. Our materials will continue to be revised as needed as the TEA releases more information regarding the Revised TEKS for Grades 3-8 and the STAAR assessment program for Grades 3-8.

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